• Take a photograph of 1 Czech (East Bohemian) and 1 Polish (the Lower Silesian) castle or château (from the list below). If you do not manage to travel to another country, you can also upload photos only from the Czech Republic or Poland. But the object must be from the list below.
  • In both photos there must always be the competitor himself (we do not accept photographs of just the buildings). We simply have to know that you have actually been to the place.
  • Upload 1 photograph of a Czech monument and 1 photograph of a Polish monument to the website
  • One competitor can only upload one pair of photographs.
  • The voting will take place online at
  • You can vote only once and for a maximum of 3 photographers (3 pairs of photographs).
  • I hereby confirm that I agree with the competition conditions and with the publication of the photographs.

What are you playing for?

  • 50 competitors with the highest number of votes from the public will receive a reward.
  • At the same time, 4 competitors will be selected by an expert jury to receive the main prize.
  • The main prizes: stays at Czech and Polish castles and châteaux
  • The other prizes: tickets to castles and châteaux & vouchers to restaurants and cafes.

The criteria – what will we be looking for?

  • The ability of the photograph to make an impression and capture interest
  • Inspiration to visit the castles and châteaux
  • Originality (composition, photographic art)
  • The attractiveness and amusing nature of the photograph 

The list of buildings in East Bohemia

  • The Slatiňany Chateâu                         The Litice Castle
  • The Litomyšl Castle                               The Svojanov Castle 
  • The Nové Hrady Chateâu                     The Moravská Třebová Chateâu       
  • The Lichnice Castle                                The Kladruby nad Labem Chateâu 
  • The Pardubice Castle                             The Doudleby nad Orlicí Chateâu 
  • Orlice Fort                                                 The Opočno Chateâu 
  • The Choltice Chateâu                             The Potštejn Castle
  • The Potštejn Chateâu                             The Častolovice Chateâu 
  • The Košumberk Castle                           The Letohrad Chateâu
  • The Letohrad  Chateâu                           The Rychnov nad Kněžnou Chateâu 
  • The Kvasiny Chateâu                              The Nasavrky Chateâu 
  • The Lankšoun Chateâu                          The Choceň Chateâu 

The list of buildings in Lower Silesia

  • The Bolkow Castle                                  The Chojnik Castle
  • The Czocha Castle                                   The Grodno Castle 
  • The Grodziec Castle                                The Kaminiec zabkowicki Palace
  • The Kliczkow Castle                                The Lomnica Palace
  • The Meidzylesie Castle                           The Sarny Castle 
  • The Ksiaz Castle                                       The Zabkowice Slaskie Castle
  • The Wojanów Palace                               The Wlen Castle


Destinační společnost Východní Čechy
 nám. Republiky 12, 530 02 Pardubice

By sending in any photographs, I have confirmed my consent for the use of my name and the declaration as to the fact that the buildings in the photographs will not raise any claims associated with the use of the photographs.

The competitors have/have secured the agreement of the photographer (whose authorship must be stated either with their name or pseudonym) with the publication of the photographs and at the same time may give consent to publish to a 3rd party, who in this case is the competition organiser, and they have expressly provided the organiser with this consent.